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angle-left Basilica hosts mass ordaining eight deacons

Yesterday, the Sagrada Família hosted a mass of deacon ordinations, led by Cardinal Joan Josep Omella i Omella, Archbishop of Barcelona, who ordained eight deacons: Jordi Avilés Zapater, Miguel Doctama Mirabueno, Jordi Domènech Llauradó, Enrique Fernández Manzano, Rubén García Lozano, Vicenç Martí Fraga, Joan Mundet Tarragó and Diego Pino Solà. The mass was concelebrated by auxiliary bishops of Barcelona Mons. Sergi Gordo and Mons. Antoni Vadell.

Five of the deacons are students of the Seminari Conciliar de Barcelona who received the diaconate as a step along their path toward being ordained priests in the future. The other three will be permanent deacons. This is the second mass of deacon ordinations at the Sagrada Família this year. The first took place on 17 March, when six seminarians were ordained deacons. On 29 September, those same deacons were ordained priests.