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angle-left Sagrada Família celebrates Sant Jordi inviting people to visit, with special participation of elderly

Sant Jordi is one of the most popular holidays in Catalonia. The Sagrada Família, as a benchmark in architecture, heritage and culture, offered a special way to enjoy this day with a series of activities.



For Sant Jordi, and to continue hosting participative projects associated with cultural and social actions, this year the Basilica offered a tour and workshop called “Sant Jordi at the Sagrada Família, roses to remember” on 19, 20 and 21 April. It was a very special activity, organised jointly with support from Associació Amics de la Gent Gran and the Artenea Art-Therapy Foundation.

In this regard, through a guided tour of the Sagrada Família, “The Temple of Light”, the participants, members of the Associació Amics de la Gent Gran and residents at several care homes in the Sagrada Família neighbourhood, discovered the importance of light and its meaning full of hope and vitality. Then they took part in an art workshop, creating plexiglass roses. These roses were used to create an art installation, displayed next to the sculpture of Saint George on the Jubé balcony, highlighting the value of this group.

This solidarity action was part of the goal to make the Basilica more welcoming to all, as Pope Francis said: Don’t forget our elders. A tree without roots cannot grow, cannot flower. We cannot turn our backs on the elderly. They aren’t disposable; they’re living memory. From them comes the sap that makes everything grow.” At the Basilica, we strive to continue working to care for the elderly and, through art and culture, make them feel special.



The Sant Jordi celebrations at the Sagrada Família began on 22 April, with an after-hours tour of the Temple. From 8:30 pm, the Basilica opened its doors for an exclusive tour at dusk for the 180 winners of the draw. The lucky ones who enjoyed this tour also got to see the Sant Jordi art installation created during the visit and workshop “Sant Jordi at the Sagrada Família, roses to remember”.



The Sagrada Família also wanted to commemorate Sant Jordi by inviting everyone celebrating their Name Day on this special day. So, on Sant Jordi, during the Basilica’s official opening hours, anyone named Jordi, Jordina, Jorge or Georgina was welcome for a free visit without having to book ahead.

 They were allowed to bring one guest.