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angle-left Sagrada Família displays pinnacles for towers of the Evangelists in 1:5 scale

The Sagrada Família is hosting an exhibition with the pinnacles for the towers of the Evangelists, which will be put in place atop these central lanterns in 2021. The exhibition, on display inside the Temple, will give visitors a chance to see these pinnacles and the sculptures symbolising the Evangelists in 1:5 scale models and to learn about all the architectural details of how they are made and the symbolism behind them. The exhibition will be on display inside the Basilica through the end of December.

These models were first presented at this year’s Open Doors Days at the Temple, on 20, 21 and 23 September. For these days, the Basilica hosted a draw, giving out 30,000 tickets to residents in the city. The lucky winners got to visit the Temple for free, learn about the progress of the works and see, before the general public, how the Evangelists will be represented on the four central towers dedicated to these figures.

These central lanterns, currently under construction, will stand 135 metres tall when finished and be crowned with sculptures of the symbols traditionally used to represent them: a lion for Mark, an angel for Matthew, an eagle for John and a bull for Luke. These figures will be sculpted by Xavier Medina Campeny.