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angle-left New issue of ‘Temple’ magazine published

The issue of Temple, the magazine on the Sagrada Família, for the third quarter of this year is now on the shelves. Noteworthy contents include an article on the pinnacles of the towers of the Evangelists written by the architects who designed them, Mauricio Cortés, Narcís Laguarda and Miquel Àngel Díaz, which shares all the details of this part of the towers where symbolism and sculpture combine with architecture. These pinnacles were also the focus of the Open Doors Days at the Temple, which Temple also has an article on. Additionally, this issue of the Basilica magazine includes an interview with surveyor Antoni Caminal, who worked at the Temple for three decades and retired recently.

It must be noted that, starting last year, Temple has a new format, larger than before with new sections and more visual and approachable content. However, it still features its standard themes, which have been consolidated over time since the first issue, published in 1866.

The magazine is available in libraries in Catalonia, where it is sent quarterly so the general public can have access to its contents. It is also sent to Friends of the Sagrada Família.