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angle-left Work begins to put wings on figures of Evangelists Matthew and John

Today, work began to put the wings on the figure of the Evangelist Matthew and later this week will continue with the tower of the Evangelist John.

Over the coming weeks, work will continue to finish the towers of the Evangelists Matthew and John, putting in place the book and the figure of the tetramorph in white marble. For the tower of the Evangelist Matthew the figure represents a human being and for the tower of the Evangelist John, an eagle.

The wings are the same on all four towers of the Evangelists and a key part of their architectural design. The wings of the Evangelists are elliptical hyperboloids that stand 9 metres tall, made of top-quality, extra-strong concrete and reinforced with steel rebar with a highly complex geometry. This ensures the wings can stand up against forces like winds and earthquakes.

The Sagrada Família expects all four towers to be complete by this November.