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angle-left Barcelona time tickets will be available from 16 June
Barcelona Time tickets can be booked through our website

On 4 July, the Sagrada Família is reopening its doors with a special recognition for residents and those who have been on the front lines.

Many people have been working in different areas of society in this healthcare emergency and at the Sagrada Família we want to pay tribute to them by giving them the chance to be the first to visit the Basilica on its first four days after reopening.

These groups include healthcare staff, agents from the various forces that have helped keep the city safe, staff from social organisations and NGOs that are helping families and people who have had financial troubles, and, finally, the business and retail organisations that have kept their doors open these days.

These tribute visits have been given out through the corresponding professional associations, institutions and organisations.

Barcelona Time recognises the people closest to us, those who live alongside the Sagrada Família every day. By this we mean the residents of the city of Barcelona. The Sagrada Família is offering them the exclusive chance to enjoy the inside of the Temple, at their own pace, without any tourists. We have 125,000 tickets for weekend afternoons through the end of the year available from 16 June at 12 noon on our website. The tickets will become available one month before the date of the visit.

In September, we will host our Open Doors Days again, with free tickets for everyone, regardless of where they live.