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angle-left Closing session of Integrated Art project, promoted by the Sagrada Família

In October 2023, the Sagrada Família Culture and Social/Educational Actions department introduced a pilot programme to implement an Integrated Art project at the Basilica, which was carried out in the 2023-2024 academic year.

This collaboration between the Basilica and several neighbourhood schools provides guidance for teachers working on art projects that include different areas of knowledge. All the projects focused on Antoni Gaudí and his work.

The closing session was held this Wednesday 20 March.  Mr Esteve Camps, Executive Chairman of the Junta Constructora de la Sagrada Família, and Ms Marta Otzet, director of Culture and Social/Educational Actions, gave the welcome address.

At the final session, the participating schools presented their projects and shared their experiences. Faculty members came from La Sedeta, Tabor, Claret and Vedruna Immaculada, all early years and primary schools in the Sagrada Família neighbourhood.

Blanquerna - Ramon Llull University, represented by Dr Àngel Jesús Navarro and Dr Anna Maria de Monserrat, played an important role in developing and assessing the pilot programme.

Afterwards, the participants were taken on a guided tour of the most emblematic parts of the Temple. 

Sagrada Família educational offering

Since 2013, the Temple has offered an educational programme to promote the values the Basilica represents and raise awareness of Antoni Gaudí and his work. 

More information on the Sagrada Família educational project is available here.