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angle-left Religion teachers visit Sagrada Família

On 28 November, the Sagrada Família welcomed a group of religion teachers from public schools, coordinated by the Archdiocese of Barcelona Secretariat of Catholic Education.

During their visit, Ms Marta Otzet, director of Culture and Social/Educational Actions, presented the Sagrada Família’s educational project, highlighting the variety of visits available for schools and the multidisciplinary nature of Antoni Gaudí’s Temple, which means it can be explained from many different points of view.

It was also an opportunity to explain the innovative projects the Sagrada Família is working on with schools, such as the technology workshop, the contests and the Integrated Art project for primary schools.

Afterwards, Mr Jaume Serrallonga, architect and educational expert, took them on a guided tour of the Nativity façade, the Passion façade and inside the naves: an after-hours visit that gave them a unique opportunity to have an exceptional conversation in the silent Temple.

Sagrada Família educational offering

Since 2013, the Temple has offered an educational programme to promote the values the Basilica represents and raise awareness of Antoni Gaudí and his work. During the academic year, the programme works with teachers, schools and cultural institutions to develop projects related to art and technology, and invites them to take part in activities related to the Basilica. More information on the Sagrada Família educational project is available here.