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angle-left The pinnacle of tower of Jesus Christ to be 29 metres high and topped by four-armed cross

The Sagrada Família has entered the final stretch of its construction, which now focuses on erecting the six central towers. As a result, a press conference was held this morning to unveil how will the tower of Jesus Christ look. The completion of the tower of the Virgin Mary has also been confirmed for 8 December 2021.

During the press conference, the director of the Junta Constructora de la Sagrada Família, Xavier Martínez, gave an assessment of the current situation of the Basilica. He assured that "if the situation evolves favourably, the forecast number of visitors for 2022 is 30 or 40% of what we had in 2019." Over the course of its history, the Junta Constructora "has gone through some very complicated times, but it has always continued to make Gaudí's project a reality", and so "this time will be no exception".


The pinnacle of the tower of Jesus Christ

Head architect Dr. Jordi Faulí explained that the pinnacle will be finished with a four-armed cross. It will be 17 metres high and span 13.5 metres. It will stand at 172.5 metres tall. The cross will be covered with glazed ceramic tiles and glass.


The tower of the Virgin Mary to be finished in December

As Esteve Camps, the Executive Chairman of the Junta Constructora, announced at last year's Open Doors Days, all the efforts of the construction work in 2021 are focused on finishing this tower, the second tallest of the Basilica as a whole, which will be 138 metres high. Currently, the tower of the Virgin Mary is 134 metres high and all that remains to be done is to place the illuminated twelve-pointed star, which will complete the first of the six central towers. The star on the tower is scheduled to be illuminated on 8 December with a celebration for all the citizens.


Open Doors Days 2021

The Open Doors Days this year will be held on 24, 25 and 26 September. The 12,000 winners will be able to visit the Temple free of charge and discover at first hand what the cross that will crown the tower of Jesus Christ and a sample of the elements of the pinnacle of the tower of the Virgin Mary will look like.