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angle-left Work starts to put pinnacle on tower of the Evangelist Mark

This week, the sculptural pieces that crown the tower of the Evangelist Mark are being installed.  Specifically, the book and two wings for the figure of the tetramorph, in this case a lion.

The wings are the same on all four towers of the Evangelists, comprised of an elliptical hyperboloid that is 9 metres tall. This element is made of cement, with highly complex geometrical steel reinforcement, with outstanding quality and strength. The Evangelist’s book is made of Thassos marble, a white stone used since ancient times for Greek and Roman sculptures, with abbreviations corresponding to each Evangelist in trencadís mosaic, in different shades of red.

Once the book and the wings are in place, the figure of the lion will go on, representing the Evangelist Mark. The works are being carried out with the scaffolding currently covering both towers. The scaffolding is being removed from the tower of Luke now, so you can see the pinnacle.

Two of the four towers of the Evangelists, Luke and Mark, will be lit up for the first time on 16 December, as the traditional Basilica of the Sagrada Família Christmas Concert lets out.