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angle-left Work resumes on Basilica of the Sagrada Família

As Executive Chairman Esteve Camps announced in a press conference for the Open Doors Days in September, the tower of the Virgin Mary will be completed in 2021, topped with its star late in the year.


On Monday 25 January, the works on the Sagrada Família began again, focusing specifically on finishing the tower of the Virgin Mary, the Basilica’s second tallest at 138 metres.

Right now, all the levels of the tower have been put in place and all that’s left are the pieces of the 25-metre pinnacle, the very top of the tower, which will be topped with an illuminated twelve-pointed star.


What will the pinnacle of the tower of the Virgin Mary look like?

This pinnacle is made up of three parts: from the bottom up, the first is the crown. It is a stone piece that is 6 metres tall, finished with twelve wrought-iron stars. The stars wrap around the pinnacle from the bottom up.


The shaft or lantern is the middle part of the pinnacle, which is 18 metres tall. With the geometry of a hyperboloid, it ends in three arms that hold up the star. Its whole outer surface is done in white and blue trencadís mosaic.


Finally, the star is the final element of the tower. In terms of its dimensions, it has a diameter of 7.5 metres and twelve points in total. Each of its faces is made of textured glass and it is lit up from inside.


Next steps for the works

Healthcare measures allowing, the first panels for the stone on the crown are scheduled to be put in place in the first quarter of 2021. In the third quarter, the two large pieces that make up the lantern will go in, and in December, finally, the star.