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angle-left Basilica kicks off Lent with “Sent la Creu” mass

The Sagrada Família hosted the “Sent la Creu” mass yesterday, which also kicked off Lent, sharing this time with the youngest members of the Barcelona diocese. The Eucharist, the central event in the Diocese Pastoral Plan focusing this year on young people, was led by the Archbishop of Barcelona, Cardinal Joan Josep Omella i Omella, with auxiliary bishops of Barcelona, Mons. Sergi Gordo and Mons. Antoni Vadell; bishop of Moramanga (Madagascar), Mons. Rosario Vella, and bishop of Bangassou (Central African Republic), Mons. Juan José Aguirre

The cross that presided over the mass also comes from this city, and is a symbol of the fight against violence between Muslims and Christians in this region. Victims of this violence have been defended by the Christian church, acting as a human shield in confrontations. During the Eucharist, in fact, participants were able to hear from people who have witnessed this situation.