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angle-left Culmination of tower of the Virgin Mary brings about collaboration between Sagrada Família and Barcelona Cathedral

On 28 October, the Sagrada Família and the Barcelona Cathedral signed the official document kicking off a period of cooperation to foster religious and cultural heritage in Barcelona.


The document was signed by Mons. Josep Ramon Pérez, dean of the Chapter of the Cathedral of Barcelona, and Mr Esteve Camps, Executive Chairman of the Sagrada Família, in the presence of Cardinal Joan Josep Omella i Omella; Mons. Santiago Bueno, canon of the Barcelona Cathedral; Mr Xavier Martínez, general director of the Sagrada Família; and Mr Jordi Faulí, head architect of the Sagrada Família.


This collaboration has arisen with the completion of the tower of the Virgin Mary as a way for these two representative institutions to call attention to the religious heritage of the city of Barcelona.