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angle-left The Sagrada Família has held its Open Doors Days

The Sagrada Família has held its traditional Open Doors Days, in which it opened the Temple to citizens so they can enter free of charge and learn about the evolution of construction in recent months and the most important future milestones. This year, the Open Doors were held on 20, 21 and 23 September, during which time the ticket winners were able to enter the Basilica. A total of 30,000 tickets were made available to citizens in a draw among everyone who previously signed up to participate.

This year, the ticket winners were able to see what the pinnacles of the towers of the Evangelists will look like. These central lanterns, which are currently under construction, will reach 135 metres tall and will be topped with sculptures of the symbols that are traditionally used to depict Mark, Matthew, John and Luke: a lion, an angel, an eagle and an ox.

The sculptures will be by Xavier Medina Campeny, and they are expected to be installed in 2021. However, during the Open Doors, the ticket winners were able to see what they will look like, along with the sculptures that will symbolise the Evangelists on a 1:5 scale, as well as learn about the architectural details of their construction and their symbolism.