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angle-left Sagrada Família installs new crane to reach 200 metres

After finishing the four towers of the Evangelists in November, the tower of Jesus Christ is the only one left to complete the grouping of the six central towers. It will be the Temple’s tallest at 172.5 metres, crowned with a four-armed cross that will be 17 metres tall and 13.50 metres wide.

For the Junta Constructora de la Sagrada Família, it is essential to work to the very highest standards of safety, efficiency and functionality, for workers and visitors to the Basilica. So, a few weeks ago, a new crane was installed to meet these needs, marking the beginning of the final stage of the Basilica works.

The base that supports the mast of the crane is on the roofs of the central nave, 54 metres up, and the very top of the jib arm will reach 203 metres off the ground. Installing this crane, which replaces the main crane that was behind the tower of the Virgin Mary, will allow us to reach new milestones, such as completing the tower of Jesus Christ and connecting it to the tower of the Virgin Mary, the Glory façade and the roofs of the central nave.

We’ll tell you all about the installation here