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angle-left Sagrada Família offers new virtual visit of the works from 135 metres above the ground

The Sagrada Família is now offering a virtual visit of the works from 135 metres off the ground.  The visit gives you a close-up look at the tetramorph figures on the towers of the Evangelists Luke and Mark and the star on the tower of the Virgin Mary from a point of view that isn’t normally accessible.

A visit from above the tower of Jesus Christ, currently under construction and soon reaching the ninth level of panels of the twelve it will have when complete. Once finished, it will be the tallest of the six central towers.

The resource is available on the Sagrada Família website alongside the virtual visits of other parts of the Basilica: the crypt, the cloister of Our Lady of the Rosary, the western sacristy and even the Sagrada Família as a whole.

Anyone interested can enjoy the images on this link.