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angle-left Over 930 children take part in Sagrada Família workshop at Children’s Festival

For the first time, the Sagrada Família took part in the Festival de la Infància (Children’s Festival), which commemorated the 30th anniversary of the ‘92 Barcelona Olympic Games. In a tribute to the artistic, innovative Barcelona that came about after the games, the Basilica took part in the Festival with the workshop “We’re building the towers. Want to help?”, an activity for all ages that explains the current status and the process of building the central towers.

The Festival was held from 27 to 31 December and more than 930 children took part in the Basilica’s workshop, which gave them the opportunity to be builders for a day through a learning experience focusing on the central towers and making a replica of the star that tops the tower of the Virgin Mary, which they took home as a souvenir, and a vest.