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angle-left Prizes awarded in school contest “Be the word that builds humanity”

The Sagrada Família held a contest for primary and secondary schools in Catalonia called “Be the word that builds humanity” to raise awareness of the towers of the Evangelists among school children and celebrate that they have been completed.

The contest invited the classes or groups to submit a project reflecting on the significance of building the towers of the Evangelists at the Sagrada Família as a metaphor for personal and collective growth of all human beings, with emphasis on dialogue and the word that makes it possible.

Prizes were awarded in five categories: early, middle and upper primary, and early and upper secondary. A total of 28 projects were entered. The contest judges were Ms Anna Maria de Montserrat and Mr Àngel Jesus Navarro, representing Blanquerna University; Ms Núria Vendrell, member of the Board of Directors of the Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família Foundation; and Mr Jaume Solé, secretary of the Board of Trustees.

The awards ceremony took place on 20 December at the Basilica and the winners were: Escola Abat Oliba - Cardenal Spínola in the early primary category, Jesuïtes Bellvitge - Centre d’Estudis Joan XXIII in the middle primary category, Escola Vedruna Sant Sadurní in the upper primary category, Escola Diocesana de Navàs in the early secondary category and Escola Jesuïtes El Clot in the upper secondary category.

After the awards ceremony, the participants got to enjoy the first session of the illumination of the sculpture groups on the Nativity façade, one of the Sagrada Família’s activities to celebrate Christmas with the people.