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angle-left Work starts on pinnacles for towers of the Evangelists John and Matthew

This May, the stone panels that make up the pinnacles on the towers of the Evangelists John and Matthew are being put in place, before the icosahedrons and figures of the tetramorph go in.

This week work is starting on the tower of Matthew and will then turn to the tower of the Evangelist John.

It is the first of three levels of tambours, which make up the lower part of the pinnacle with the tower’s final triangular window. The towers of the Evangelists have eight paraboloid sides up to the base of the pinnacle. From there, the tower continues to rise up from a hyperboloid base, with superimposed shields with the praises “Amen” and “Alleluia”.

The tensioned-stone building system is being used, like in the rest of the central towers, but the towers of the Evangelists don’t have the reinforced concrete structure on the corners. The stone panels have different sorts of decoration: trencadís mosaic palms and, on the shields, letters made of enamelled ceramic tiles, trencadís mosaics of Venetian glass and glass bottles.

The Junta Constructora is working to complete these two towers of the Evangelists by late 2023 so all four towers can be inaugurated together. As part of the central group of towers, the four towers of the Evangelists will surround the tower of Jesus Christ, standing 135 metres tall once finished, making them the Temple’s third tallest.