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angle-left Registration opens for the drawing of free tickets to the Open Doors

Today at 10 am, the registration period begins to participate in the drawing of 30,000 free tickets that the Sagrada Família is making available to citizens so they can enjoy its Open Doors, which will take place on 20, 21 and 23 September. On these three days, the lucky winners will be able to learn first-hand about the progress in construction in recent months and discover the most important milestones in the future of the Basilica.


Anyone who wants tickets can register until 16 September at 10 am. On that day, the drawing will be held and the names of the winners will be announced. The lucky winners will receive an email with four tickets (without participants’ names specified) on 17 and 18 September. The tickets may be given to other people, but selling them is strictly prohibited.

The participants in the drawing have to choose between the two time brackets available: from 4 to 6 pm or from 6:15 to 8 pm. The specific time when they enter the Sagrada Família will be determined in the drawing, although it will always be within the time bracket they chose.

Click here to take part in the draw.


As a new feature this year, visitors will be able to see what the pinnacles of the towers of the Evangelists will look like. These central lanterns, currently under construction, will soar 135 metres high and will be topped by sculptures of the symbols which have traditionally represented Mark, Matthew, John and Luke: a lion, an angel, an eagle and an ox.

The sculptures will be by Xavier Medina Campeny and they are planned to be installed in 2021, topping these four central towers. However, during the Open Doors, the ticket winners will be able to see these pinnacles and the sculptures symbolising the Evangelists on a 1:5 scale, as well as learn about the architectural details of how they are being crafted and their symbolism.

Likewise, the tour through the inside of the Temple will include an exhibition and an audiovisual on the pinnacles of the Evangelists.