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angle-left New audiovisual experience space opens at Basilica

To improve visitors’ experience and share knowledge of the Sagrada Família, there is a new room at the Basilica where the polyfunicular model of the crypt at Colònia Güell takes on a new perspective: a projection on glass explaining how Gaudí designed the church at Colònia Güell using a model made of strings and sacks of birdshot. And Gaudí used this project to experiment with many structural solutions he later used at the Temple of the Sagrada Família.

The other brand-new piece is a mapping on the four models showing the progression of the Basilica to help understand how the naves changed from the designs of Francisco de Paula del Villar to Gaudí’s final project. There is a videowall that explains the main differences between the models, focusing on the structure, columns, vaults and light.

This new space is part of the normal route for visitors.