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angle-left Star of tower of the Virgin Mary’s support to be covered in ‘trencadís’ mosaic

In July, as per the 2021 work plan of the Junta Constructora de la Sagrada Família, the trencadís mosaic will be placed on the shaft of the tower of the Virgin Mary. At the moment, the lower part of the 18-metre-high shaft is in place. The upper part will be installed in September.

The two parts of the shaft are covered with artistic ceramic stoneware trencadís mosaic in colours ranging from blue to white, with a few dots of golden Venetian mosaic. The bluish colours are reminiscent of the Virgin's mantle. They will be darker at the base and lighten towards the top until they turn white under the supports of the star.

Next steps for the works

The last step before the star is mounted will be putting the upper shaft, covered in trencadís mosaic, into place, which will be the support for the star.

The tower is scheduled to be completed with the star in December.