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angle-left Icosahedron of Evangelist Matthew decorated with ‘trencadís’ mosaic

The towers of the Evangelists are divided into three parts: the base, which starts from the vaults at 45 metres above the ground and reaches 74 metres; the main body, up to 112.5 metres; and the pinnacles, which are 22.5 metres tall.

Each pinnacle, in turn, has three parts of its own: the shaft, made up of hexagonal shields with the praises “Amen” and “Alleluia and trencadís mosaic palms; further up, an icosahedron with the spotlights to illuminate the cross on the tower of Jesus Christ; and, at the very top of the tower, the corresponding figure of the tetramorph.

This week, work will begin to put the trencadís mosaic on the icosahedron for the tower of the Evangelist Matthew and the same process is scheduled to be repeated on the icosahedron for the Evangelist John in June.

The work is being done at the Sagrada Família, on the platform 54 metres above street level.

The icosahedrons, which are found on all four towers of the Evangelists, contain spheres and are decorated with trencadís mosaics: in gold on the spherical bulges and in warm tones of ochre, yellow and salmon on the faces of the piece.

According to the construction calendar, work will begin next week to put the lower parts of the pinnacles on the towers, which these icosahedrons will rise out of.