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The Sagrada Família invites citizens to experience the spirit of Christmas

The Basilica is offering several activities and events for all audiences through 8 January

Participants in Manresa 2022 International Multireligious Forum visit Sagrada Família

Jordi Faulí, head architect of the Basilica, spoke about the fusion of spirituality, nature and architecture in the city

Awards ceremony for 19th Spiritual Film Festival at Basilica of the Sagrada Família

Director Imanol Uribe won the fifth edition of the award

Towers of the Evangelists Luke and Mark completed

The final sculptural piece, the figure of the lion on the tower of Saint Mark, was put in place today

El repertori de «Advent-Nadal» del so del carilló ja sona a la Basílica

Es pot escoltar a cada hora en punt entre les 9 i les 21 h

Sagrada Família adds more spots for the children’s Christmas workshop

Book your spot now to join the new afternoon sessions