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Basilica hosts mass for 50th anniversary of the first Neocatechumenal community

It was held on 29 January from 6:00 pm

“The star on the tower of the Virgin Mary shines for all of you today”

Video message from Pope Francis for inauguration of the tower of the Virgin Mary at the Sagrada Família, available on YouTube channel

Sagrada Família invites you to visit the Basilica for Santa Eulàlia

Free tickets will be given out by draw among those who enter between 31 January and 7 February

In 2022, Sagrada Família expects to finish the towers of the Evangelists Luke and Mark and add three more levels to the tower of Jesus

The Junta hopes to finish the tower of Jesus Christ in 2026, although this will depend on how many visitors it receives

Events to commemorate inauguration of tower of the Virgin Mary draw to a close

The celebrations featured the collaboration of many public and private entities and, especially, the neighbourhood

Basilica hosts Religious Celebration of the Holy Family

It was held on 26 December at 9:00 am