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Sagrada Família to loan adapted space to City Council to be used by Antoni Gaudí scout troop

The Junta Constructora plans to build a space in memory of Gaudí in the premises currently used by the troop

Cardenal Omella, new president of Spanish Episcopal Conference

The assembly, made up of the 87 bishop electors in Spain, chose him to occupy this position for the next four years

Basilica kicks off Lent with “Sent la Creu” mass

This time, the cross was from Bangassou (Central African Republic) and hoped to raise awareness of violence between Muslims and Christians

‘Temple’ magazine begins new era with digital version available online

For the first time ever, the latest issue is available in Catalan, Spanish and English

Sagrada Família will create its own music library with works specifically thought out for the Temple’s acoustics

The first piece will have its debut on 28 March in the Easter concert

Interior of the Sagrada Família, centre of the main event of Bible Week

Dr Armand Puig led a biblical meditation at the Basilica focusing on the Temple nave