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The Sagrada Família, recognised for the use of technology

The distinction comes from and COEINF

Extraordinary masses

Extraordinary masses

Basilica remembers Saint Joseph with mass

Six deacons from the Seminary were ordained at the Eucharist, led by Archbishop Omella

Travelling exhibition on Gaudí and the Sagrada Família, now in Burgos

The exhibition will be at the cathedral in this city in Castile and León through 2 June

Detailed Rules

GENERAL TEMPLE RULES The organisation reserves the right to refuse admission. At the entrance, visitors will have their bags, rucksacks, luggage and personal items...

The Sagrada Família has applied for building permits and activity licences for the Basilica from the City Council

These are the last pieces of paperwork that the Temple has to complete to fulfil the requirements for the building work

Basilica has kicked off Lent with “Sent la Creu” mass

This year’s cross comes from Cambodia to raise awareness of land mines

The Lent and Easter carillon repertoire is back at the Basilica

This is the second time that the programme for this liturgical season can be heard at the Sagrada Família since the repertory was updated

Tickets and tours

Tickets and tours