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angle-left Sagrada Família presents 2023 annual report

This morning, the Sagrada Família held a press conference to present its 2023 annual report, sharing the year’s results with full transparency. The event featured Mr Esteve Camps, Executive Chairman of the Junta Constructora de la Sagrada Família; Mr Xavier Martínez, General Director of the Sagrada Família, and Mr Jordi Faulí, head architect.

At the press conference, Mr Esteve Camps announced the consolidation of the progressive post-pandemic recovery, with figures similar to those for 2019. In 2023, there were 4,707,367 visitors, up 24.7% from 2022, when 3,781,845 people visited the Basilica, and nearly as many as 2019, when there were 4,717,881.

Once again, people came to the Sagrada Família from a wide range of countries: of the 4,707,367 total visitors, 85% were from outside of Spain. The country with the most visitors was the United States, with 19% of the total. They were followed by visitors from France (7.5%), Italy (7.2%) and the United Kingdom (5.9%). There were also a noteworthy number of visitors from South Korea (5.6%) and Japan (2.2%). Spanish visitors made up 14.6% of the total. 

In terms of financial numbers, the Sagrada Família finished 2023 with income of €126.9 million, 100% of which is from private sources. In terms of expenses, 52% of the funds went to construction and 26% to Temple management.

In line with this recovery, the works have begun again in earnest, which has driven up construction costs from 43% in 2022 to 52% in 2023. So, the beginning of the final stage of construction kicked off with the completion of the towers of the Evangelists (November 2023) and work is currently under way on the Chapel of the Assumption and the tower of Jesus Christ.  The Chapel of the Assumption is expected to be finished in 2025 and the tower of Jesus Christ, in 2026


Social Action Fund, building a better society

Additionally, this financial recovery has allowed the Foundation to use part of the surplus to set up the Social Action Fund. In 2023, the Junta Constructora de la Sagrada Família Board of Trustees launched this initiative, which aims to help fund social initiatives and projects promoted by non-profit organisations. The Social Action Fund has been created with the desire to serve the most vulnerable people and groups, to help build a better society, one that is more community-minded, solidary and just. €2.3 million was allocated for the first call. 650 projects were submitted, of which 276 are eligible. The call will be resolved on 31 May 2024 and the organisations will be notified of the final decision within the week.


Universal programming for everyone

Mr Camps finished his talk sharing the Sagrada Família’s desire to open the Basilica up to the people with a programme of cultural, social and educational activities. In 2023, 24,000 people got to enjoy the Open Doors Days for Santa Eulàlia and the Mercè festivities. There were also international events, such as the concert and dress rehearsal by the Berliner Philharmoniker, which 3,325 people got to enjoy in person, and the “Gaudí and the Sagrada Família” exhibition, which welcomed 509,939 visitors while on display at several top museums in Japan.

The Sagrada Família is also, and above all, worship and each year several international masses are held, open to all the faithful. There were a total of 51,696 worshippers at the 66 international masses held in 2023, and 280,670 people came to visit the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament at the Basilica.

Throughout 2024, there will continue to be opportunities for everyone to visit the Basilica of the Sagrada Família and take part in an extensive programme of cultural, social, educational and family activities.

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