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angle-left Inauguration of tactile model of tower of the Virgin Mary
Created in collaboration with the ONCE Foundation, it will be on display at the Sagrada Família museum

On 28 June 2022, a new tactile model of the tower of the Virgin Mary for people with visual disability was inaugurated. This initiative was carried out by the Sagrada Família in collaboration with the ONCE Foundation.

Specially designed to facilitate knowledge through touch, accentuating relief and textures, it is a 1:25 scale model made of materials like polyester and polyurethane resins, acrylic glass and the brass used for the stars on the crown.

This reproduction will be on display in the ‘Gaudí and Nature’ space at the Sagrada Família, which already has an extensive series of tactile elements.

The ONCE Foundation helped fund the piece and adapt the signs on the exhibition to incorporate Braille.

This model joins the ones already made of different parts of the Temple, such as the model of the ground plan located inside the Basilica, which help explain the project for the Sagrada Família.

For some time now, the Temple has been firmly committed to becoming more accessible for the more vulnerable members of society.

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