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angle-left Tower of Jesus Christ to reach 125.87 metres this June

According to the work calendar for 2022, the tower of Jesus Christ will get a new level in June. It will be the eighth and take the tower to 125.87 metres tall.

On 7 April, work to install the panels that make up the seventh level was completed, bringing the tower to 121.5 metres. By the end of this year, the ninth of twelve levels should be in place, with the tower standing 130.75 metres tall. Once finished, the tower of Jesus Christ will be 172.5 metres.

Plus, the tower of the Evangelist Luke is on its twelfth level and the tower of the Evangelist Mark will get its twelfth level this week. After putting in this new level, the final one before the pinnacle, both towers will be the same height, standing 110.5 metres tall.